Parish Council

Parish Council and Representatives

Cllr K. Dickerson (Chairman), The Cottages, Bridge St,

Kelsale, Suffolk. IP17 2PB

Tel: 01728 604174 E-mail:

Cllr A. Revell (Vice Chairman), Home Port, Main Rd, Carlton,

Suffolk. IP17 2QL

Tel: 01728 603764 Email:

Mrs J. Jones (Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer)

4 Chillesford Lodge Estate, Sudbourne, Woodbridge, Suffolk. IP12 2AL

Tel: 01394 459400  Email:

Cllr P. Hartley, Carlton Green Farm, Rendham Road, Carlton, Suffolk IP17 2QN, Tel: 01728 602281

Cllr P. Parry, 33 The Street, Wissett, Suffolk. IP19 0JG Tel: 07811 365217 Email:

Cllr N. Denny, Trust Cottage, Low Rd, Kelsale, Suffolk. IP17 2NU Tel: 01728 605921 Email:

Cllr D. Ireland, 28 East View, Low Rd, Kelsale, Suffolk. IP17 2NT Tel: 01728 603323 Email:

Cllr I. Darton, Well House, Sandy Lane, Kelsale, Suffolk. IP17 2QH  Tel: 01728 602122 Email:

Cllr T. Roberts, The Old Manor House, Bridge St, Kelsale, Suffolk. IP17 2PG Tel: 01728 605504  Email:

Cllr G. Fordham, The Cottage, Carlton Rd, Kelsale, Suffolk. IP17 2QJ Tel: 01728 652978  Email:

Cllr P. Garratt, Hillview Cottage, Curlew Green, Kelsale, Suffolk. IP17 2RA Tel: 01728 603995 Email:

Cllr J. Aird, Hope Cottage, 2 Church Lane, Kelsale, Suffolk. IP17 2NZ Tel: 01728 602656 Email:

Cllr E. Galloway, East Green Cottage, East Green, Kelsale, Suffolk. IP17 2PJ Tel: 01728 605566 Email:

Cllr C. Taylor, 1 St Andrews Rd, Beccles, Suffolk. NR34 9PH Tel: 01728 602297 Email:

County and District Councillors and Suffolk Constabulary

Cllr Rae Leighton – Suffolk County Council

Shenburgh, The Street, Walberswick, Southwold, Suffolk IP18 6UN Tel: 01502 724534 Email:

Cllr Sir Peter Batho – Suffolk Coastal District Council

Park Farm, South Entrance, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 1DQ Tel: 01728 602132 Email:

Cllr M. Andrews – Suffolk Coastal District Council

9 Manor Gardens, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 1ET Tel: 01728 603553 Email:

PCSO 3070 Thora Taylor – Saxmundham SNT,

Saxmundham Police Station, Station Approach, Suffolk IP17 1BW Email:, Tel: 01986 835300

Community Energy Committee

Cllrs Dickerson, Fordham, Galloway, Parry, Roberts and Mr Keith Beecham

Portfolio Holders

Recreation Ground/Carlton Green – Cllrs Denny, Revell & Aird

Kelsale Village Hall Management Committee – Cllr Darton

Environment, Heritage & Access – Cllrs Roberts, Dickerson, Parry and Garratt

Planning Group – Cllrs Aird, Garratt, Hartley & Ireland

SALC – Cllrs Dickerson & Fordham. 

Street Lighting – Cllr Galloway

Town Lands Trust Liaison Officer – Cllr Darton

Kelsale Primary School Liaison Officer – Cllr Galloway

Emergency Officers –  Cllr Roberts & Parry

The New Oasis (Editor) – Cllr Darton

Parochial Church Council Liaison Officer – Cllr Hartley

Kelsale Welfare Trust Liaison Officer – Cllr Aird

Sizewell Parishes Liaison Group Representative – Cllr Galloway

Youth Club – Cllr Denny

Bonfire Party Working Group – Cllrs Garratt, Denny, Revell, Hartley Parry & Fordham

Grit/Dog Bin Management – Cllrs Denny & Parry

Innovation and Grant Aid – Cllr Fordham

Webmaster – Cllr Denny

Publicity Officer – Cllr Fordham